Celebrities Who Had Undergone Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentisrtyCosmetic dentistry is a field of medicine dedicated to helping people correct any imperfections they have on their teeth. It’s one of the top dental procedures folks get at 247 Dental Denver Colorado. For many, this could mean anything from correcting an overbite, covering small gaps between front teeth, or getting braces so they can straighten out crooked or crowded teeth. Many celebrities are not immune to this and often go through the same procedures as us common folk when it comes to having cosmetic dental work done.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular types of cosmetic dentistry that stars get for themselves!


Celebrities And Their Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Jamie Lee Curtis

In the movie, Freaky Friday, actress Jamie Lee Curtis famously played a teen who switches bodies with her mother and then has to convince everyone that she is really Jamie. At 45 years old, she was very likable as a mother figure in the movie and also showed how white her teeth were when she smiled throughout the film.

After much speculation over what type of cosmetic dentistry procedures Curtis received for her pearly whites, it was finally revealed after a paparazzi photo of the actress at 90210’s 20th high school reunion show surfaced showing off her new teeth. In 2008 on The Oprah Show, Curtis publicly admitted to having veneers on all of her upper teeth. She gets them off and on as her teeth are yellow from smoking.


Carrot Top

In response to a joke at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, comedian Carrot Top made fun of actor Jude Law’s teeth by saying that he had won an implant contest because his teeth were brighter than Law’s. Law responded during his acceptance speech for Best Actor in a Drama by borrowing one of Carrot Top’s famous catchphrases “I’m not like everybody else” and stating that many other celebrities have veneers, including Carrot Top himself.

Apparently, the stand-up comic has been very open about getting cosmetic dentistry work done on his teeth through both traditional and cosmetic dentists. He has admitted to having porcelain crowns, bridges, and veneers.


Jessica Simpson

While she was still dating Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson infamously got her teeth fixed after feeling insecure about them. She made the change from a noticeably smaller mouth to a blockbuster smile with amazingly white teeth for the first season of Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. It is widely believed that she had dental bonding performed to achieve this look but she has never publicly confirmed or denied this rumor.


Matt LeBlanc

As Joey Tribbiani on the television show Friends, Matt LeBlanc played an engaging character who loved food and women. He also joked about having bad teeth throughout many episodes of the TV series, alluding to his real-life teeth which are not as nice as what we saw on TV.

Publicly, LeBlanc has admitted to having veneers and implants done after his teeth kept cracking because he was grinding them as he slept. He even joked about how much money he had spent trying to have straight teeth which resulted in a very expensive treatment plan through a cosmetic dentist.


Nicole Kidman

Although she has never made a public statement of any type regarding her teeth, the actress Nicole Kidman is definitely one celebrity who many speculate has undergone some form of dental work including crowns and porcelain veneers but that cannot be confirmed for certain.

She always appears with brilliantly white teeth in all her movies and photographs so she may have had some type of cosmetic dentistry procedure done to achieve that bright smile.


Bruce Jenner

After the devastating auto accident in February of this year, Bruce Jenner’s family and fans were shocked when he decided to publicly announce his transition to a woman during an appearance on the TV show, 20/20. While she was initially met with mixed reviews from the media and the public at large for her brave decision, many people have now come forward offering words of praise and support for Jenner’s change including comments about how naturally beautiful her newly shaped facial features are.

Dental veneers are a procedure that many celebrities like Bruce Jenner have chosen to help reshape their teeth by covering up imperfections or even changing their tooth color and shape. Whatever type of cosmetic dentistry procedure you choose is your personal choice and a matter of preference.



Many celebrities go to the dentist for cosmetic dentistry. Whether it’s veneers, teeth whitening, or other treatments, they want their smile to be picture perfect and so should you if you need dental work. It’ll leave you feeling confident about getting any treatment that will bring out the best version of yourself.

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Movie Makeup Artists Explains How To Cover Tattoos

Have you wanted to remove your tattoo with laser therapy? Do you have an interest in makeup application? You’ve stumbled upon the perfect article. You are going to learn how professional movie makeup artists are using concealer to remove the appearance of tattoos. Laser tattoo removal Edmonton discusses make up tips to get a sense of your original blank skin. Ok, let’s get down to work.

Make up can be categorized into three categories:

1. Basic make up- Slight changes will highlight your face and your body.

2. Corrective- Its primary aim is to downplay flaws and to improve positive attributes.

3. Character- Key changes in appearance are addressed.

Three critical makeup techniques to master:

1. Using good quality makeup will significantly improve the outcome of your work regardless of the level of your skill.

Different brushes are the core tools used in makeup application. For the best results, the brush handle should be held in the center and right beneath the head of your brush.

2. Understand the application of various types of foundation.

There are three main types of foundation:

  • Cream foundation- offers an opaque effect
  • Powder foundation- best for an oily skin
  • Liquid foundation- offers a translucent effect

3. Contouring.

This is highlighting your face as well as shading it so as to change its shape.

How to cover up tattoo using makeup (instead of getting laser tattoo removal).

First take a bit of alcohol and rub it over the tattoo. If your tattoo is a black and blue color you want to choose the exact opposite color of the color spectrum wheel which is bright orange, and that will neutralize the tattoo. Don’t be alarmed if bright orange concealer looks unnatural, because it will work.

You want to use a concealer brush to apply the concealer to the skin. It’s important that the corrector is used directly on the tattoo and not the skin around the tattoo. Your avoiding getting the corrector on the skin because you want to make it easier to blend out. Follow and cover-up the general shape of the symbol. When the majority of the tattoo is covered, you want to use your angle brush and go around the outline of the symbol; get as close to the edge as possible. Stippling you will find works best; don’t worry about time, because it’s going to require patience.

Tip: Most tattoos will demand either bright peach or bright orange concealer to mask the tattoo.

Now that everything is covered you are going to want to take out your powder. You will be looking to use a neutral set powder. Load powder brush with powder, flick off excess and powder. Because you will have so much coverage over the tattoo, you will want to use more powder than you think is necessary.

After powder you will apply a thick concealer similar to your skin tone over the orange. You will once again use a concealer brush to apply. You will want to use a stipple motion again because you don’t wish to rub around the orange coloring. The thicker the concealer, the better! After application blot around with the finger in a tapping motion blending the concealer into the skin. Then you are going to load once again your powder brush, tap it out and powder over the tattoo.

You will then take a beauty blender and a thick, creamy foundation, not liquid. You stipple and dab over the tattoo concealed area. Take out the powder brush because you will powder again. There you have it; tattoo covered.

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